New Installation

Our professionally trained crew will install your new sprinkler system.  We use a specialized plow to minimize damage to the property.  Each system is carefully tested.  Our crew guarantees a complete clean up of the the site before we leave. 


EZ-FLO Fertigation Systems

EZ-FLO Fertigation Systems make fertilizer and supplement dispensing systems for use with any in-ground irrigation system or with a standard water faucet (bib).  This technique of applying products through the water is called "fertigation" and it saves on water while significantly reducing the risk of fertilizer runoff.  For more information visit the EZ-FLO site.




Maintenance/Repair When a system requires service, we realize that quick response is important. That is why our crew consists of trained service technicians with appointments that work with your schedule.



Spring Start Up

Spring Start Up:   After the winter months, our crew can prepare your system for the new watering season. We will re-charge the mainline, activate your valves and program your controller (if accessible). At this time we will also make minor adjustments so you can water as efficiently as possible.




Winterization:  A complete shut down and blow out at the end of the season.  At the end of the summer, our crew can prepare your sprinkler system for the winter months. We will shut down the mainline, preventing water from entering the system. Using compressed air, we will then purge the water from the lines through the sprinkler heads leaving it safe for the winter.